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Anonymous Texting


Need to send an anonymous text or picture? You came to the right app for that!★★★★ YOUR REAL NUMBER IS NEVER REVEALED ★★★★
Anonymous Texting includes a REAL anonymous phone number. All incoming messages are free! 3 outgoing credits are included for new users, after that you can earn free credits or purchase extra credits in the app.
★★ USES ★★
- Prank texting- Sending texts from a new phone number- Posting on Craigslist- Dating- Anything you want to keep yourself safe when you don't want to reveal your real phone number- Finding out if your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you- Finding out if your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you
Or just when you want an anonymous phone number for sending some texts and images!
✓ Create as many real anonymous texting phone numbers as you want✓ Incoming messages are free✓ Earn free credits✓ Add a phone number from other countries